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Auszug aus dem Abschlussdokuments der Klimakonferenz von Paris

Climate Conference of Paris 2015

At least with the Climate Change Conference Paris 2015 it is clear that the current climate-change must be addressed systematically and comprehensively. This does not only require short-term and courageous actions of the governments by providing an appropriate legal framework, but also creative and innovative companies, that develop and implement new technologies in practice.

In this regard EnviCare® is able to present several successful projects, of which some examples are presented below:

In 2002 we planned the first Austrian municipal membrane wastewater treatment plant ever in St. Peter ob Judenburg. Furthermore we expanded the wastewater treatment plant of the AWV Knittelfeld to a co-fermentation plant, whereby this sewage treatment plant can be operated self-sustaining in regard to energy. The project was awarded the “Environmental Protection Prize” of the styrian government. In addition, EnviCare® developed standardized membrane plants for a Turkish partner. Using this new technology, communal waste water can be reused for irrigation, since the MBR treated effluent fulfills to the European Bathing Water Directive.

In the field of recycling of organic waste, we planned a project for the recycling of mash obtained during the bioethanol production. For a Finnish company we developed both a wastewater recycling plant for a plastic recycling facility, as well as a plant for upgrading biogas to biomethane. Throughout Austria, for example in Retz and Ziersdorf, we also planned a number of biogas plants utilizing renewables or organic residues.

However, in order to meet the defined 2° C goal, more needs to be done. In fact, many companies are struggling with legal setbacks that make an economic operation of their eco-energy plants impossible.

Therefore we do not see actions on the climate change as financial burdens, but rather recognize them as an opportunity to generate growth, jobs and “know-how”. For example, in 2013 in Austria the turn-over of the green economy reached 31 billion euros and each 20th full time equivalent employee worked in a so called”Green Job” …

It is now time to take the necessary steps: reduce taxes on workload and put the tax focus on fossile fuels and non renewable resources instead! The historic low raw oil prices give us the opportunity for this new approach.

To conclude, we want to introduce one of our research projects for 2016:

To reduce the energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants effectively, we work on the integration of modern, energy-saving membrane distillation processes in existing communal waste water treatment plants. EnviCare® is convinced to effectively reduce the energy consumption while valuable raw materials such as ammonia can be regained as ammonium-water or fertilizer.

For these reasons, we have also expanded our team with Philipp Klein, who is an expert in the field of research and development. In this sense, we wish you an exciting, successful and innovative 2016!

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